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About Omimex Group

Omimex is a privately held independent energy and fertilizer company engaged in the exploration, development, acquisition and operation of oil and gas properties and production of fertilizers.  Omimex Fertilizer Division  (Cibrafertil) conducts operations in Brazil and Paraguay (manufacturing of Single Super Phosphate).  Omimex's oil and gas business was started in 1987 with the formation of Omimex International Corporation dba Omimex Petroleum, Inc.  Omimex currently owns oil and gas interests in the United States and Canada and regularly evaluates the acquisition of attractive properties in other known productive regions.

Omimex's strategy is to acquire producing oil and gas properties where economic value can be enhanced through the utilization of modern production techniques and exploitation activities, and exploration acreage where existing geophysical data indicates significant hydrocarbon potential.

Management believes that Omimex's primary strengths are its extensive infrastructure and its diversified portfolio of cash flow generating properties in North America and Canada, its lower overhead structure and its proven ability to identify, acquire, develop and operate high potential oil and gas assets.

Omimex has no debt and sufficient cash to keep growing its business in its conventional and unconventional acreage.

ORI, in total, has 554 direct and contract employees in three countries.  The fertilizer division has been extremely successful in building new fertilizer plants and capturing fertilizer market share in several countries worldwide.

ORI Organizational Structure


Overview of ORI

In 1987, Omimex commenced operations in North America and Canada with the acquisition of selected oil and gas properties in the mid-continent. Several subsequent acquisitions have increased Omimex's domestic presence to include an interest in 4989 gross (1394 net) wells located in nine states, the largest of which, in terms of daily production, are Michigan, San Juan Basin, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. Additionally, Omimex operates one gas processing plant in Montana, which processes gas from the company and third parties to extract natural gas liquids.

Omimex also owns and operates oil and gas transport pipelines in the US and operates a number of compressor stations, pump stations and storage facilities. 

  • Omimex Resources, Inc. (Omimex) was incorporated in Delaware on June 9, 1997 to consolidate and continue the activities previously conducted by its wholly owned subsidiaries:
  • Omimex International Corp. (OIC) Incorporated in 1987, operates all of Omimex's properties in the United States, other than the properties in Montana, Michigan and in West Texas.
  • Omimex Energy Inc. (OEI) Incorporated in 1992, operates Omimex's properties in Michigan and West Texas.
  • Omimex Canada, Ltd. (OCL) Incorporated in 1996, operates Omimex's properties in Montana and Canada.
  • Omimex Oil and Gas, Ltd., held the Columbian operations until they were sold.
  • The principal executive offices of Omimex are located in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Omimex fertilizer plants are located in Colombia and have warehouse facilites in Peru, Panama, Bolivia, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Omimex Petroleum, Inc.

Formed in 1987, Omimex Petroleum, Inc. has oil and gas operations in New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, and offshore Louisiana.  The fields operated by Omimex Petroleum include tight sand gas reservoirs and several marginal oil fields ranging from one well to multi-tract production units.

OPI has been able to increase the profitability and life of these fields by selective workover programs and reduced operational costs.

Omimex Energy, Inc.

Omimex Energy, Inc. was formed in 1992 to conduct oil and gas operations in Michigan and Texas.  OEI maintains two field offices in Michigan and one in West Texas.  Operated properties range from single well to multi-tract waterflood units with OEI operating seven of the waterflood units. 

ORI Inventory

ORI currently has interests in over 4,900 wells and more than 2.0 million acres of land in 2 countries.  To view our Wells Inventory click here.  To view our Acreage Inventory, please click here.